27 January, 2009

why need reference from unrelated project...

I was following OpenOffice Mailing list (l10n-dev)
due to various good and bad reasons. Various
people joins project, they give reference that
he/she want to start this language or want
to join language, they simple introduce themselves and
help by joining team.
But from last few months, Various Indic people started
join project and provide very big big reference like
I am doing gnome , am doing firefox, am doing this ....
why? if you want to join a project, why need to refer
other project and why do you think that you should be
there if in other projects?
Inside of working with project team, which already working,
the mail is something like to "I want to do that, please will
you quit or want a kick?". (not all but few mails are like that
only, not want to refer anyboday)
This may not a big issue yet, but will they able to maintain
later with this big number of projects? It seems crazy,
how will you work as leader if you have not able with
as team member...
let us wait and watch ...


ਅ. ਸ. ਆਲਮ said...

ah, today I got mail from some company id regarding openoffice with same "Standard" format.
"contributing currently on Fedora Project translation, I would like to contribute for OpenOffice Punjabi Translations too..."

ਅ. ਸ. ਆਲਮ said...

Here is google search for "standard contribute format"