26 July, 2009

10 Things for New IT person

Just don't want to copy & Paste, so
follow the link Here for Great Advice...

Summary as below (for my personal experience):
0000 - Being liked is easy Yes, I experienced it
0001 - Being respected is hard Yes, I experienced it
0010 - Everything you learned in college is useless Yes, I experienced it
0011 - Never stop learning Yes, I experienced it
0100 - You live or die by your text editor, so choose wisely - No, I m not programmer at last
0101 - No one really cares what college you went to Yes, I experienced it
0110 - Silence never goes out of style Yes, I experienced it
0111 - You will meet odd, strange and unpleasant people, deal with it -Yes, I experienced it
1000 - Make friends with IT Yes, I experienced it
1001 - You will never escape office politics - Yes, I experienced it

22 July, 2009

How CPU Made - AMD

17 July, 2009

Using automatic login with Fedora

I am using Gnome as desktop f rom some time, while not

big fan of gnome. GDM (gnome display manager) is

default manager. When it is changed to new source code,

there is not Graphical option to configure automatic

login with this. I was trying various time to search

automatic login feature (but I am not command line

user or expert, so not like to change configuration).

finally I got a solution for this. to do this you have

to do following steps:

1) Change GDM->KDE

2) change KDE configuration for Automatic login

3) by KDM, change desktop to Gnome (if you want to

use gnome)

1) easy method is to remove gdm with all dependency

$yum remove gdm

while make sure kdm installed on your machine

2) run systemsettings->Advanced->Login Manager

after application opened, go to Convenience (7),

select “Enable Auto-Login

User “”

“Lock session”

3) reboot your machine and you will be auto login

with selected user. it will default go to KDE, but

you can use gnome by Logout, select “Session” and

select “Gnome” and afterward you will be automatic

login to gnome session.

there can be various way to do this, but as I like use only

Graphical Interface for most configuration, so I tried this.

ya, kdm package need to install to work this, which will

pull some kde application.

02 July, 2009

Fedora 11 - qt Rendering fixed for Indic Language

with Fedora 11 Rendering, there was problem with Indic
language that it mix up English lines with Indic Unicode
Characters Randomly.

Fedora Bug

Today, new build of 'qt (qt-4.5.2-1.fc12' for 'rawhide' was available, which
fixed this problem. After testing rawhide, Bug Report updated
with result, same time, developer agree to build for Fedora 11.

after installing latest 'qt' package, problem is fixed.

Packages are also build for Fedora 10, Fedora 9.
If you can't wait for release with yum update, you
can directly download and install from following location:

This was making problem with work on Fedora 11 KDE
desktop in Indic language, but now it is not issue.

Thanks for Fixing...