04 May, 2010

New Site for Blog: http://openalam.com/

Moved to very own site OpenAlam, and it is based on WordPress.
Please found all new updates over there.

18 April, 2010

Chrome – test Drive…

Google chrome released long time back, I never tried it, but after using some mobile services and read about N900 + Chrome, I thought to test run. Finally start with Mac OS version, then tried on Linux (Fedora x86_64 RPM build by google), and Finally on Windows. It imported all data from Firefox on All platforms very easily , no error, and look was same on all OS, Same feel.

Book Mark Sync was quick feature, which I liked most as Firefox, need to install Weave and then it ask Few more username and password and PIN, then start sync, but for Chrome, someone need only Google a/c and it is done. But what I missed is Merge feature, which works better on Firefox (it ask what to merge), but chrome don’t. You have to merge or not sync at all. Secondly not sure, but I found it is not syncing Password and Browser history like Mozilla Weave

Overall smooth ride, cool look, faster loading, interface than Firefox.

for i18n/l10n point, it is not available in my language (Punjabi), for which I pushed Issue. For Indic, it is available in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu.

it is Open Source, so got en-GB file to translate, start work if I can push to Google, where I am not sure whether they accept code or not.

06 April, 2010

Punjabi input on Nokia N900...

Punjabi Keyboard (virtual) layout is ready for Use with Nokia N900.
Please suggest if you have any comments about it.

Add Punjabi Layout to N900:

Download ukeyboard
install it on your device.

Download attached file n900keyboardlayout.zip [1], unzip it
and scp "pa-jhelum.vkb" file to N900 in following directory:


Enable Punjabi Layout:

Settings-> Text input -> 1st language --Change this to ਜੇਹਲਮ (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ)

Now you can start type Punjabi. Meanwhile I am trying to add
this layout to ukeyboard so that Punjabi support available
by default.

Note: you need to install fonts for Punjabi, please read

Enable Punjabi on N900

[1] Source file for that is also attached, if you want to change, you can
easily do that. Following ukeyboard instructions to edit and compile it.

29 March, 2010

Motorola is Back (India)....

Missing Motorola after A1600 release ( with Linux OS), but
now it is back with Motorola MileStone with following

Camera: 5 MP Dual LED Flash
3G WCDMA/900/2100, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSPA, GPRS Class 12, WiFi
BATTERY TYPE - 1400 mAh Li Ion
WEIGHT - 165 g (heavy)
SIZE 60.00 x 115.80 x 13.70 mm
DISPLAY SIZE 3.7"; WVGA (480 x 854 pixels); 16:9 widescreen; PPI 267
Buy cost is ~32,000 INR, which seems too costly when we
compare with latest Sony Ericsson X10. X10 with
almost same price provide more feature, almost all
feature with 1Ghz, which make phone future-proof
(minimum for few months at least).
you can check compare at GSMarena
But it seems motorola is back (which I like more than
other phone brand, it is first brand to bring Linux phone
in India E6)

22 February, 2010

KDE 4.4 and Indian Calendar System

I have never seen anywhere such a system,
but in KDE 4.4, in which Indian Calendar system
can be choose at Desktop system. 
In kde, choose systemsettings->Regional & Language
->Language-> Time and Date.
There is  Indian Calendar, so after login and logout,
you can check it.
Following image has enough detail about it.

KDE 4.4 with Phalgun Month

Month: Phalgun
Day: Som (Monday)
Year: 1931

with time, software becoming more useful and more
close not only to hi-fi people, but general public.
After all those are for them, by them.

15 February, 2010

N900 with Punjabi support....

I got N900 for Testing Punjabi on it.
While need to install fonts, I was not
clear about rendering after installing
fonts. it is based on Maemo Linux, so
you can install/use application easily

After install openssl-client/server,
scp lohit-punjabi fonts from fedora
machine to N900 and 'fc-cache',
run 'fennec'.

While after reboot, I can see the
Punjabi in mail and other places
(no interface translation available yet).
Most Important thing was Rendering,
which is just working and good enough
to use. fonts was installed on N810, but
there is Punjabi Rendering was broken

More Screenshot you can check here

from i18n Point of view, following task with status:
-Fonts- Working - Need to package
-Rendering - Working - Nothing to Done
-Input - Need to Work - Need to Package

Now Android:
No Indian Language is supported as such, but
got a chance to check Samsung Galaxy Spica
It has Hindi Interface, but Rendering broken.
Same as Apple iPhone.

Now it seems Nokia should work fast, but less
hard to provide Indian language as Rendering is
working and just installing fonts can
help to enable support.

14 February, 2010

MS Office Bug for Punjabi Rendering…

After many year, I was working on Microsoft

Word/Power Point. version it 2007 (2010 Beta),

both has common problem for Punjabi (Gurmukhi)

rendering. While Input Character with Bindi

(ਸ/ਗ/ਜ/ਫ/ਲ) and use (਼) with it, then input

any dependent vowel, it delete the (਼)


ਗ + ਼ + ੀ = ਗੀ

it is happening only with Office only,

while WordPad and NotePad is ok.

is here and Test case is below.



Character + Bindi + Dependant Vowel = Resutl

Failed Case

ਸ + ਼ + ਾ = ਸ਼ਾ
ਖ + ਼ + ੈ= ਖ਼ੈ
ਗ + ਼ + ਿ = ਗ਼ਿ
ਜ + ਼ + ੀ = ਜ਼ਿ
ਲ + ਼ + ੁ = ਲ਼ੁ
ਫ + ਼ + ੇ = ਫ਼ੇ


ਸ਼ + ਾ= ਸ਼ਾ
ਖ਼ + ੈ=ਖ਼ੈ
ਗ਼ + ਿ=ਗ਼ਿ
ਜ਼ + ੀ=ਜ਼ੀ
ਲ਼ + ੁ=ਲ਼ੁ
ਫ਼ + ੇ=ਫ਼ੇ


Try to delete and paste Dependent Vowel at end.

Don’t know how to Find Revision/Version of MS Office and how to report to Microsoft:-(

03 February, 2010

I got Dell Studio 1457 with Intel i7 processor yesterday.

for Fedora 12 installation major problems:
1) Broadcom Ethernet is not detected (fixed)
2) Once Display Blank, reboot and then only start,
(this was true for anaconda also) (still not working)
3) No Sound (still not working) Fedora Bug 562695

Dell Studio 1457 Smolt Profile

after 4 attempt to install Fedora 12, (3 failed
with no display), I get message that there is
no Network device detected on your machine,
so please use DVD or Complete CD (I was
using network install). (that is why
keep DVD with you at home:-) )
Got KDE Live CD, installation was quite fast,
Ethernet was not detected, but Wireless
was working (it is intel half-mini card).

Rebooted and Display gone. After waiting
for few minutes, reboot again this time
display was working (now after shutdown,
I need to reboot 2 times to get display working)

Broadcom Ethernet:
there is workaround given here (Fedora Bug)

modprobe -r tg3
modprobe broadcom
modprobe tg3
modprobe tg3

it is working, but need to use this each time

Video: ATI detected and worked on proper resolution automatically
Audio: Still not working

KDE System Monitor showing 8 Cores (i7 has 4 core / 8 threads)

19 January, 2010

KDE 4.4 Beta on my Desktop

While I skipped using KDE from last few months,
after release of KDE4 Beta, tried again.

first impression "Woh!"

please check few screenshot of KDE4 on Fedora 13 (Rawhide)

1) Desktop with few

2) Adding few more widgets (Mac's Impression)

3) Google translate English to Hindi, Amritsar Weather

4) Activities, which still I failed to understand what and how to do with this:-)

Hope to KDE4 more acceptable in daily work than previous KDE4 releases....

09 January, 2010

Recovering a lost Windows Serial Key...

During Repair of Dell XPS Laptop, I lost Windows 7's
Cover, which I got as Upgrade from Vista (so no
sticker on laptop). It includes Windows Serial No.
It lost this morning, and I installed Windows
without this key, but as need to activate within
30 days, I have to find some solution.

Two Software I found for this work (as I had already
installed Windows 7 on my old bad sector hard disk)
Belarc Advisor
It has Free, Personal Use, working perfect
Free for Demo, not perfect and PAID:-)

Finally, I attach old harddisk, boot windows 7 (old installation),
install both software, Recover-keys find few things
Office, Call for Duty and 1 more, but now Windows key,
Then install Belarc Advisor and it create report and
show me in Web browser, yes it contains Windows keys
with IE serial key. So I got the key to Windows Activation.
It save money and something that Punjabi don't like to do...;-)

More information about OEM Windows Version here.

04 January, 2010

Intel i7-720QM and Core 2 Duo Difference...

While searching for latest, faster Mobile processor,
I just stuck for Intel's Latest Intel i7-720QM.
Surely it seems quite good, but how much from
currently with me? (Intel Core to Duo P8600 and
Intel Core to Duo P9600)
Few Differnce you can get with i7 vs C2D are

Processor NumberP9600P8600i7-720QM
No. of Cores224
No. of Threads228
Processor Base Frequency2.66 GHz2.4 GHz1.6 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency

2.8 GHz
Cache6 MB L2 Cache3 MB L2 Cache6 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Bus/Core Ratio
System Bus1066 MHz1066 MHz2.5 GT/s
FSB ParityNoNo
Max TDP25 W25 W45 W

Processing Die Size107 mm2107 mm2296 mm2
No of Processing Die Transistors410 million410 million774 million

Intel® Turbo Boost TechnologyNoNoYes
Intel® Hyper-Threading TechnologyNoNoYes
Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x)YesYesYes
Intel® Trusted Execution TechnologyYesYesYes
AES New Instructions


i7 based laptop has hal battery life than P8600.

Dell is start selling Laptop with i7 processor, while Intel is going to release
i5 and i3 Mobile Q1 2010.