18 December, 2008

Punjabi Translation with various Online translation Projects

Different project means - Only for which I
am working for Punjabi Translation,
where Internet means - Project which having
online translation.
So I have 3 major projects for translation
(Those are neither open source nor Free)

First one is Google Translation, which
include various software Blogger, gmail,
Google Search. I did a lot of translation for
this project, but at last I have to stop as
various people actually try to make
English script for Translation like
"Search" is put as "Khoj" not "ਖੋਜ", which
ultimately make no sense. If wrote a
mail to Google about this no reply about it
and even no action to stop. Even today
you can get Search page with English Script in Punjabi.
Other than this, if I submitted a
translation, nobody know when I get
it on interface, one month, 2 month, 6
month or never! There is no chance to
replace other Bad Translation or
even to Vote -Ve for it. It is really
really Bad.

Second Project is "FaceBook". It is really
Nice project and method for Translation.
It is very quick. If you start Translation,
just right click on word (which has RED Line
under it) and do translation (surely you
have to complete glossary first). It is very
best, Mostly used word, If completed in
a single day and most work is finished in
a week. Vote is another best thing in Facebook,
which allow other people to judge your
work and vote for it. It is state-forward
method for translator and vote to choose
correct word. and yes, when you translate,
word appears immediately and replace English.
It is amazing experience for me as translator.
I did a lot and will do more in this project.

last one is word-press, its translation
is quite similar with Google Method, but
only difference I felt is loading page
after submitting translation word. While
Google load whole Big page, but it load
single word and make my home CDMA connection
bill light.

anyway it is not big task for company like
google to make Translation from professionals
(He can pay). While provide Translation for
this low level and Bad face is just a joke>
with LanguageHuge Bank account, why not pay a small %
to do translation, if you really want to
provide in language, Even if you for 100
developers (I know it is many 100s),
why not a single translator and surely there
will not able 1000 languages (even not 200) to
translate. If not translator (want to get Translation
FREE of cost!), then an editor for Each language,
so that Interface must be good
if you want to go public face.

16 December, 2008

Mozilla l10n status update - quick

after many days I committed to l10n changes to
hg repo at Mozilla Firefox/thunderbird. After
commit, changes are reflected to server quite
fast like Gnome


you can customize this for single language as
I have only Punjabi Language:


(at slow home connection, it is quite big help)

26 November, 2008

Fedora 10 and Indic...

Finally Fedora 10!


You can see various other Indic languages in list on main page.

Main Look is, Punjabi Web Interface back again after a long time.
Link for Punjabi Interface is here

according to Release notes, Major Update (not all)
KDE 4.1 (KDE4 's first Stable release)
Gnome 2.24
Special for Indic Language
On Screen Keyboard for Indic Language

iBus - New Alternative for SCIM

Help for Other Multimedia Help

If you want to listen WMA or other patented formats, use WIFI or other package, which is not part of
Fedora, please don't forget to use RPM Fusion!

USB Boot information and other support,
USB Boot...

If you are an Indic user of Fedora, then surely you will find a bug in Firefox, which is
not yet fixed and Avaiable to track:
Fedora Bug:

Mozilla upstream is going to fix after (in, yet is far away from release.
Still only one workaround provided by Fedora Engineer
Download here and Install (only xulrunner package is enough)

Will update more for Indic languages in Fedora 10 later...

till then Enjoy for Indic in Fedora 10!

12 November, 2008

Firefox Rendering for Indic Language

Firefox 3.0.x's rendering is very bad and it is
almost impossible to work in localize environment with

When Firefox downloaded and used in Punjabi language (pa_IN)
locale (environment), English web pages are showing characters
in Punjabi (Non-English) font. (Juck characters as in screenshot)

Blog Screenshot

And yes, it is problem on Linux, but not confirmed on Windows.

it is almost impossible to read the Text on most website. Wonder
is that Punjabi Websites works fine.

Firefox Rendering Problem

First bug was filed for Fedora Bugz #460865, which is later
upstreamed to Mozilla

Mozilla Bz #455647 is handle very quickly and fixed
bug for trunk (firefox 3.1/1.9.1), but Firefox 3.0.3/4/5/6/x
is still without patch. If patch is not
available, then Fedora 10, Opensuse 11.0/11.1 will suffer
and native user will actually suffer from it.

Can someone from Mozilla or Indic community will ask
Mozilla l10n to make commet in Bug (or make blocker
It is really difficult for regular Indic user to work
with firefox (3.0.x) without patch?

17 October, 2008

a Project Change from pa-IN to pa - Mission, not only word

Unicode make it clear that 'pa-gur-IN' is basic part of 'pa' locale

where pa-gur-IN Represent as < LANG >-< SCRIPT >-< REGION >
so Punjabi-Gurmukhi-India Script is actually making 'pa' locale.

So Most Project already using 'pa' is for Punjabi, quite few project
like mozilla is using pa-IN, which need to update.

A bug 380287 filed for Firefox/Thunderbird

I tried to file before Firefox 3 Release and asked to fix it, but
Mozilla Team was busy with other important task, so it was skipped.
Finally Team have a time and get back to it.

Unicode: http://www.unicode.org/cldr/bugs/locale-bugs?findid=1300
pa (Stage 1) //Punjabi =
pa-IN (default)(unicode bug _above)
/ \
/ \
pa-arb pa-gur (Stage 2) //2 different Script
(Shahmukhi / Gurmukhi)
| |
pa-PK pa-IN (Stage 3)//Region based,
Pakistan India

So, Now First we need to skip region based choice and to
original locale choice (that is 'pa'), which is important
as if you run a application, by giving pa-IN or pa-PK, and
no translation available for that, then application will check
for 'pa' translation. As 'pa' is default, so we need to use it
(as Unicode confirmed this).

What happened if Shahmukhi Script people want to start project
for Punjabi?
Surely they have to use script encoding with language like pa-arb
or pa@arb as there is script difference and only solution is to use
arb with pa and it is true for all projects. After all script is basic
difference, not region as any Shahmukhi Punjabi User can be
anywhere is world as Gurmukh Punjabi Script User are.

I got most response from NRI Punjabi people instead of India based.
so it is not good to attach a specific region with locale due to
population (census). I was never happy to divide a language
on basis of region, as Language has no boundary itself, but it
flow of ideas, freedom to express those, So we should make it
open and out of boundary. If I have operating system, then sometimes
it can be used to select timezone for locale automatic, but should
not be forced to use only that timezone. My Mac is showing
same issue as I selected Punjabi, then only Showing region as
India. Surely more Punjabi Mac users are outside India and
Apple is still confuse with "non-census" data. So
making my (our) locale region-free is important mission for me.

During working on bug, something interesting is pointed out that
mozilla got around 100 hits daily for Punjabi locale. It was
quite good figure, if I cared to my guess.

Hope to fix this issue soon as 'Seth' is working quite hard, but
I was worrying about his late comment in bug "will ask our Indic localizers
who write blogs to make the announcement."

let us see what is output of that...

Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 - for Punjabi

Again Firefox available for Testing beta version. It is available
for Punjabi Version 3.1Beta1

Windows Download:

Mac Download:

Linux Download:

If you have resource please download and Test once (for Punjabi), so
that we can make impact for locale [1]

More This Beta release Information:

After Test, please send us your review, comment about
Translation to our mailing list Punjab-users so that
we can work to update as we have two week to finish before
Beta 2 release. I have one issue with me (which is sent by
Mr. A S Kang for copy/link issue)

[1] Mozilla Bug
ਬੱਗ ਮੁਤਾਬਕ ਔਸਤ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਲਈ ਹਿੱਟ 100 ਰੋਜ਼ਾਨਾ ਹੈ, ਮੈਨੂੰ ਥੋੜ੍ਹੀ ਹੈਰਾਨੀ ਹੋਈ ਕਿ 100 ਕਿੱਥੋ ਹੋ ਗਏ, ਸੱਚੀ
ਐਨੀ ਉਮੀਦ ਨਹੀਂ ਸੀ। ਬਾਕੀ ਮੋਜ਼ੀਲਾ ਸਿਸਟਮ ਐਡਮਿਨ ਦੇ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਖੁਦ ਪੜ੍ਹ ਲਵੋ ਜੀ! Check
Admin comment below about Punjabi

"For the most part it looks like we have about 100 Active Daily users for pa-IN.
There is a strange couple of days just recently where we had a huge spike.
aug 21,22... Can anyone think of what might have caused this? Holiday or any
other event? I could have just been an error in our reporting system...

Here is the data for those two days and the last 15.

2008-08-21 7,004
2008-08-22 533
2008-10-01 110
2008-10-02 94
2008-10-03 115
2008-10-04 99
2008-10-05 93
2008-10-06 107
2008-10-07 106
2008-10-08 114
2008-10-09 96
2008-10-10 119
2008-10-11 99
2008-10-12 102
2008-10-13 117
2008-10-14 113
2008-10-15 119"

30 September, 2008

how to check changset with HG (mozilla)

I was working to fix translation status for mozilla firefox release.
After commit some files, I need to find what is changeset, which
I forgot to get with following command before 'hg push':

$ hg outgoing

this command give you output as changeset.

After small search I found new command as below:

$ hg log

This command give you complete log, from start date and first
few line will be latest log as below:
singh-brars-macbook:pa-IN Preet$ hg log
changeset: 9:c712d30e06bb
tag: tip
user: A S Alam
date: Tue Sep 30 20:20:34 2008 +0530
summary: Update for Beta Release with add/remove lines, files for Punjabi (pa): A S Alam

changeset: 8:ad8705b0d648
user: A S Alam
date: Tue Sep 30 20:18:16 2008 +0530
summary: Update for Beta Release with add/remove lines, files for Punjabi (pa): A S Alam

this was useful to get latest changes commit to directory

27 August, 2008

evening to make error free translation...

waiting from last few weeks to update few translated files, those have errors and I know that:-)

gnome-power-manager - > last time I did a lot of translation for this and 2 translation Errors were there, I got those, but was in hurry so committed as it is. Finally It is over, but need to find fine editor on Mac. Poedit, LocFactory Editor not work as I was not expert with those, finally KDE4 installatin helped me and lokalize Make it possible.

kde4 - plasma's translation was really un-understandable, and just today I got on my newly laptop, that line is first to see:-(
that line hit me and I started work to remove Error.

so, finally committed changes and gnome/kde desktop for Punjabi is more good than before.

12 August, 2008

my first 'hg' commit to mozilla

I was trying mozilla l10n commit with new version control system, Mercurial.
Finally today I cheched out en-US and pa-IN (for checkout, please check Docs),
started with few translation for one file and used step as mention in Mozilla Docs
following is output of my terminal
amanpreet:pa-IN Preet$ hg commit -m "updating translation first time with hg for Punjabi (pa) by Amanpreet Singh Alam"
amanpreet:pa-IN Preet$ hg outgoing
comparing with ssh://hg.mozilla.org/l10n-central/pa-IN/
searching for changes
changeset: 2:0c8a3c71fe9d
tag: tip
user: A S Alam
date: Tue Aug 12 11:47:59 2008 +0530
summary: updating translation first time with hg for Punjabi (pa) by Amanpreet Singh Alam

amanpreet:pa-IN Preet$ hg push
pushing to ssh://hg.mozilla.org/l10n-central/pa-IN/
searching for changes
remote: adding changesets
remote: adding manifests
remote: adding file changes
remote: added 1 changesets with 1 changes to 1 files

amanpreet:pa-IN Preet$ hg push
pushing to ssh://hg.mozilla.org/l10n-central/pa-IN/
searching for changes
no changes found

first 'hg push' is so slient that I can't understand that anything commited or not, so I run once again
and tried to fresh checkout and Yes, changes are there. So Please don't except any version for new files
as in CVS.

So, finally log can be check Mozilla-l10n-central

First Punjabi hg commit "Push" can be found at
First Punjabi Commit Log.

09 August, 2008

Mac and Python Error for hg

I was trying with hg (hg is a distributed
version control ) for my Firefox translation Project. Python was installed previously on macBook
(Mac OS X 10.5.4), but while running hg command, it showed error like following:
amanpreet-singh-brars-macbook:~ Preet$ hg ****
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/bin/hg", line 18, in
File "/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/mercurial/demandimport.py", line 74, in __getattribute__
File "/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/mercurial/demandimport.py", line 46, in _load
mod = _origimport(head, globals, locals)
File "/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/mercurial/util.py", line 33, in
_encoding = locale.getlocale()[1]
File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/locale.py", line 460, in getlocale
return _parse_localename(localename)
File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/locale.py", line 373, in _parse_localename
raise ValueError, 'unknown locale: %s' % localename
ValueError: unknown locale: UTF-8
last line was making some know hint, something wrong with locale setting.

Tried to set various setting from terminal, finally it is fixed and here are commands I used

$ printenv LANG

$ export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8

$ export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
if you want those changes each time you log-in then make ~/.bashrc file and add
those lines there.

Note: I have not reboot my machine after making those changes, please don't know
whether work or not;-)

28 July, 2008

Windows and KDE4 - Free Desktop for Windows

First Time, I tried KDE4 on Windows Vista. It is pretty good
to start installation. KDE for Windows website
gives you installer for KDE on Windows. You can directly download
it here (KDE Installer).
A Simple guide is Here,
which is not too important if you want to install, just start installation,
Which is state forward. It will ask for mirror, which may be trick
as some mirror don't have KDE packages for Windows, while I
selected www.winkde.org from Europen Union.
Select Packages, which you want, as you will have big list from
KDEPIM (kmail), KDENETWORK (kopete), KDEBASE (konqueror, dolphin),
KDESDK (kate, lokalize), select which you want (package name be different,
please read summary give with package).

One Package download from Microsoft Site failed 2 times, so I skiped
(Ignore) that Package, and KDE works fine without that.
My Desktop is ready with KDE now and kopete, korgnizer,
kate, lokalize, juk, and my favrioute Education applications
are there, And Yes Best on for me is, Punjabi Langauge is there,
you can select Punjabi Package and install those on Windows
for KDE, Free:-)

Windows Menu with KDE packages is here:

and Final Whole Desktop with KDE applications

Element Table for Chemsitry

Konqueror is not running, this is only application, which
failed to run. Kopete failed to connect yahoo, but
Google account works fine, but not sure I did some wrong
or it is bug.
I am not using Windows daily, but it is good step for
Windows users to test KDE4 once. Please check
lot of Free Application from KDE Desktop.

Big Thanks to KDE Team for Free Gift to
Windows Users.

All Screenshots are here (KDE4 on Windows)

19 July, 2008

EU - Time to uncover Intel's dirty face...

as News on BBC, European regulators Commission started probe
againist Intel for Serious
case for "Not to Keep Stock" for AMD.
Intel also forced Dealer to swtich ONLY to intel products.
Intel also asked dealer to "Delay" any planned AMD product launch plan.

if failed to reply and loss the case, then fine to Intel can be up to 10% of annual turnover.

it is same story in various part of world, in India, it seems Intel
and M$ showing same trend from years. I have recently ordered Laptop
from "DELL", when asked for AMD based laptop (expecting less prices),
then Sellsman tried to convence me to buy only Intel based, as "AMD
has more issue, you will have to pay more, it is not available," even
it took 15 mintunes to find AMD based laptop, while it should not
be. Finally he said it will cost me 4,000 Rs (~$100) more than same configuration
with Intel. what? but it should be.
Same case when I asked laptop without Microsoft Vista. Laptop
was with only DOS, but cost only lower 1000 Rs ($25). Is Vista
available in just $25?

it is India, so nobody is going to regulate these people, but we should
have to learn from EU, if you are with good spirit. Open Source
People should make awareness about These type of Monopolies.
Problem with Open Source companises is that those are also trying to
following their Closed Source Friends.

17 July, 2008

Convert real audio to mp3 on mac...

I have very few real audio files, but don't have mp3 for those,
search on google was not heard, and FFmpegX
link is here

it is free Audio/Video convertor for Mac OS. It is good and quick,
Howto use those,
if it shows you for binary format installation, you can skip it
(you can try later if you want with FFmpegx->install binaries)
it is quite easy, just select .rm file and select format, which want to
I got some my favourite song back.

05 July, 2008

Satluj - Project Website updated

www.satluj.com Finally
Released. It was important part of Project to join togeather
the Punlinux and Punjabi Development Teams.
Now Satluj Project represents the Both Teams as Single,
We have not forum, FAQ, Help, Blog at single place.

Satluj longest of the five rivers that flow through the historic
crossroad region of Punjab in northern India and Pakistan, So
it is Project Satluj Name comes from 'Satluj' river's shared
water among Punjab, Project is sharing Language between

Thanks for Gurpartap Singh for his hardwork to bring this

03 July, 2008

Official World Record Set: Firefox - 24 Hours - 80,02,530

it is news at BBC

80,02,530 download in 24 hours, it is official World record now.
Download happed around the world in 25 countries.

Although BBC mentioned about 9,000 download per Minute,
still there were server issue for download. Within 5 hours,
Fiefox 2.0's download count left behind.

Mozilla is expected to increase % in Web-browser Market Share,
which is actually great news.

Congratulation for Whole Mozilla and his contributors around the
world for making such product, which people love TOO much.

24 June, 2008

M$ Office Format - Openoffice.org need more detailed warning

I am working on a file, which is UTF-8 format, I was
writing Punjabi Text in it on my Mac with Openoffice Writer.
After completing my work, I save file, which give message "Do
you want to same format or want to shift 'ODF'" I skip that
and save to default.

when I opened that file back, oh No, my Punjabi Text gone:-(
only ???? was appearing, I got that my work lost, but why?
what happen to openoffice.org? why failed to save Unicode text?

then I tried to open with iWorks 'Pages', ya, it give me chance
to find mistake, it said "not supporting Word 6 document'.

so, I saved file with old M$ Word Document 6 format, which
was quite old. Even M$ is not supporting it now:-)

So, OpenOffice.org give warning, but not exactly about what can
happen (as I usually I got that when want to save as .doc format).

Openoffice.org should not only warn once, but should twice that
Format can be lost as Unicode was not support. Actually I am
expecting that with only "DOC format", it should said that
"M$ Word 6 Doc format", which can be more useful and make

Nothing can be expected from M$, but Openoffice.org is my,
our, so expecting like that:-)

23 June, 2008

Punjabi Firefox: Newspaper Caption and Indic communities

Punjabi Firefox Release news is
available in newspaper DNA

it couldn't be great thing if happened in
Punjab (or Punjabi) newspaper, but it
was newspaper in Maharashtra (PUNE)
Color page news and with Great Heading.
People had question about Hindi (surely it is
should be). Reply was simple "it is community
driven translation, not by Mozilla."

Real means is it. I never saw Mozilla to
push any community to do translation,
it is ok with various communities, where
languages are with good priority like
European countries, but when talk about Indian
Languages, where English has 'Great'
priority over local language for 'high
class'/'first class' society, someone
don't forgot that more than those 'First
class' people, native speakers for their
respective languages. If those people are
not active in communities or open source,
it should not understand that those
languages are not required or can
skip those.
This time happen with Hindi, which
is not released with Firefox 3. Rajesh
did very hard work to finish it, actually
he completed, but Release process for
Firefox is tough and it is not 'simple'
to follow. You should follow 'daily' routine
to ask question from responsible persons
(in Mozilla l10n, I found Axel (Pike) only
guy for this).
Process need to make simple, (
people are working on it), but it is not
too complex in either sense (to understand
or follow). You can keep track if keep yourself
I found thread on mailing list as following
Hindi why not?.

While agree with Sangeeta about comment,
Axel point is valid too, actually Axel is most
busy person during l10n release. Process as
I told earlier is not bad, but it can be improved
as it is unique process I found during my 6 year
L10N/i18n experience. It is best for get 'build
for your language' in every 15 mintnes. it is
fast to test, and very dedicated Test Case and
Test Process. although Translation is not simple
as it is not 'po' files for most translators, but
I thought it is 'USE TO' factor than 'Easiness'.

Mozilla explain that " reaching out to recruit people to work on
localisations for Indian users", hope to improve situation soon.

19 June, 2008

Firefox 3 - The Download Day!

it was 18 June in India, and I opened site for firefox, but it was not!
I tried many times, but web-site was down. I thought It was due to
heavy download. within 2 hours, I failed to open a single time:-(

my friend told me that BSNL blocked the site due to heavy traffic.
oh shit, it was too bad. only after lunch time I was able to download it.
till that time I was watching graph from Firefox download world-wide.

It was wonderful to see graph, but India is far behind than even
smaller countries like France, Germany. With passing day, it was
near to 0.1 million, but where China is over it, but Australia, Russia
is over if you compare population with India. Even Brazil has
statics comparable with US/Canada.

Top 10 downloader are:US, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK, France, Iran, Italy, Canada, Poland

Overall, it shows awareness about Open Source and even about uses of
Software (computer) in Region, India, China, has half the world population,
has Low IT density as compared to rest of world. Same with Africa. So
when those region increases Open Source/Free Software uses (like Brazil has),
then it will be different picture on map while we download next Firefox:-)

05 June, 2008

Blog it first than Bugzilla please...

last day I got mail from Gnome Bugzilla saying that
your bug is duplicate for Another bug, where Issue
seems yet not fix in Rendering in Punjabi
I filed this bug 3 month ago in gnome-system-monitor (Bug: 521930)

and originally Found this bug around one year
back for gnome-power-manager (Bug: 398368)

No-one was paying serious attention to this
as it was appearing more and more application.
It was serious issue, but yet developer not paying

Finally After searching for closing reason, It was found
that Pango and "Big" gnome developer ( Behdad Esfahbod) found that
problem in a blog and so he paid 2 cents to it and
instead for searching problem, directly file a "new"

Finally it moved, but I found blogs are more important
than even file Proper Bug with "great" detail and
"perfect" attachments. Ideally should not, but
it is.
Blog is way to present yourself well and it helps
a great way if you use properly. Now I have
an example.

03 June, 2008

AMD CodeAnalyst - Open Source -> Intel

Today I have got chance to attend AMD CodeAnalyst.
This is tool used to complete their mission "Code Faster, Faster Code".
yes, if you first time read this line, you may not understand fully, but
read twice and you will get it.

It is GUI, where it is using Linux oprofiler as Base and in Windows
has other (really I don't know and get when that Guy told).

Detailed documentation is available at Above Website,
I just like to highlight what I noted from this.

->Priority Changed from Windows Based CodeAnalyst to
Platform independent, while Manager Changed about
3 year back.
-> Project started around 1996-97.
->Windows Version is advance than Linux
(new feature introduce in Windows GUI, backport to
Linux GUI)
-> Qt Toolkit is used as it is more platform independent.
-> Linux GUI - QT -3
-> WIndows GUI - QT -4
-> AMD developers are more Open and want
participate in OSS and also want contribution for their projects.

-> all RHEL5.1 and Fedora's Binary and Source Package (RPM as
well as .tar.gz) for CodeAanalyst Failed to run (although installed
but not able to Run properly
--Error was like---
program was searching something in /dev/virt/2 and /dev/virt/3,
while RHEL5 kernel only has 0 and 1, so failed during 'Run' binary
files. (while working on his machine)
-> Not a Single machine having AMD processor in whole workshop
-> AMD Indian Developer's idea to make joke of people, who
asked him about Hardware, while he was Software guy. This
point made me unhappy with some "Great Developers" as they
thought people are mad, but those always failed to understand
that "Someone really knows you: AMD is processor!!!" Is this not big thing?
This is attitude, which is common between in Asian people, while
surely you will not found in other.
-> Main Developer was not very sure about Other processors other than
AMD. It is ok if you think from one angle, but I always felt
bad if you only know and test your product only. How can
you improve if you don't know competitor's product, specially
when you are trying to make new product for "ALL Platforms"??
(same view about Operating system, how can I know that
something works "better" on Linux, until I knows about some
other OS).

At last, I was not very statisified with Workshop as
Product was not working on RHEL platform and I was
able to use it properly.
I got something, not AMD pen drive and T-Shirt, but
Desire to work with AMD CodeAnalyst and yes, to
use AMD processor in my future buy-list computers.

(now my car has on AMD Turian processor (hanging
in mirror and AMD Pen Drive to Listen music in Car)

29 May, 2008

Mozilla Blog: Closed for Comments also??

I found Mozilla L10N blog from Pike (Axel), he posed about
Various Tools and Testing related stuff.
(you can found it Here).

I had question "How are you going to test Mozilla l10n Package" by litmus or otherway?
but there was no way to make comment or I failed to found!
when I tried to login, it was showing word press, but not to register.

It was understandable the Post only from Mozilla Staff, but why
Comments are blocked?

Still searching, if you know, please help me about this!
still that "Mozilla tried to Closed Comment with opensource Project":-)

28 May, 2008

Mozilla Summit 2008 - Honor for Punjabi Team

Mozilla is going organize Mozilla Summit
from 28July 2008 to 1 Aug 2008 (1 Week Event) in Canada, Whistler, British Columbia.

This is first event of its type by Mozilla
This is big event for Mozilla like company, but inviting
to community people, this is Great actually.
(Various Other community like openoffice etc
organize these type, but not sure about
sponsorship for community guys)

I am working for Punjabi Language from Punjabi Team,
so I got invite from Mozilla on First Week on May. I was
excited, but more wondered how this is possible?
Are they really invited me??
Finally I confirmed that it is true? but who is going
to pay for travel, really they pay or they select and we
have pay (which is impossible for me)???
was again big question for me!!
finally I got letter and they are doing each and all things!!
Woh, Great, this is cool!

After 2 year, I am going for community event, where
I have to spent nothing.

Surely I would like to thank Mozilla for invite me from Punjabi
team, but more I appreciate Mozilla for asking feedback and
get input for future plans. Many big Open Source players
has no such practice, but this is one of big thing Mozilla
took lead!!
Mozilla's way to L10N, I liked very much (although somehow
different and difficult than other projects) as you can get
Build within few minutes after commit your changes.
Release process is such nice (and hard of Translator:-) ) that
a little chance to skip any error. Punjabi Firefox
2.x released hold for very small error and last minute,
Release had been dropped for Punjabi. This is like most and
Hoping to get more chance to get to talk with Mozilla
Developers and experts regarding this.

Surely like to see more improvement L10N process, while
supporting currently (DTD and PROPERTIES) way instead
of PO file based.

While visit Canada, I have plan to visit Toronto
and find some Punjabi Guys, who want to
know about Punjabi Team and want to contribute
in it (either any way). First task is to find those people,
then what to present them and most important
will be "Feedback" from them ( I know very few
people aware about Punjabi Project, but most of
them out of those only know "Firefox" as it
available to Windows, Mac and Linux, So this
Mozilla Summit also help Punjabi community
to spread Punjabi Firefox in Canada!)

So it is Mozilla Summit, which provided community
people to Directly interact with Mozilla Developers.
I would like to thanks again for Mozilla to invite me
and wish more Open Source money making Companys to
follow the same to gather Community+Company in
a year or 2 to share ideas, plans.

Finally This event is far way and I have to Pass "Visa Test"
for Canada to attend this. so my favourite
quote "Who knows tomorrow??" :-)

21 May, 2008

I have promise to keep...

It was bad, too bad that after fixing an issue
on 2th of May, I got to know that it's DVD-RW
it was not working. I was shocked, why not working?

I was really upset and called Apple Support Center
instead fixing it from Locall reseller (RSG)
which already fix some issue and make a new one.

Technical support Engineer asked all posibiility to
Fix the issue and finally he said to visit to RSG
again, I refused to visit as they waste lot of time
and not actually work on issue. I asked him
to replace Laptop instead of fix it (because
after a Repair how can a brand new thing can be
call "New" more, if it is fixed 2 times).
He aggreed with me and forward my call to Customer Service
department in Austrila. She was nice worker, asked
me to give address and ensure that it will be replace.
(call was on 8May Thursday). so plan was to pick
up old hardware on Monday and back within 1 week.
I was happy.
Friday 9May, I got call from Apple Courier department
about detailed process. He told that pick up take one
week and after that it will take 3 week to get back
new laptop to you. I was little worry about this
Big Time period as I know that Company offen
take max time limit (as Dell told me to deliver
Monitor in minimum 1 week, but I got it on 3 day).

Monday 11 May, I was waiting for Call, but No call
even upto 5PM. Finally Courier person Came directly
to home and pick this. (Cool 1 promise kept!)

Thursday 15 May, I mailed on her again to get
update about courier and update Address. I got
NO reply. Now I was worring it.

Monday 18 May, I was waiting for it (although
I should not as per consulted by Apple).

Tuesday 19 May, I had not hope to get today, but
my New Laptop with Courier company. Guy brought
that with him and asked about Tax to pay, I asked
him that it will be paided by Apple India as
it was replacement and I already paid all Tax, when I
bought Laptop. So he took it back and asked to wait
for 1-2 days.

don't know when I will get back from Courier company,
but one thing was sure that Apple keep its
2nd promise also (it was better than my

Yes, it is 'royal APPLE'.

02 May, 2008

Mac - Hardware issue - Fixed in 8 days

last week, I have very painfull time as New macbook undergone a mjaor breakdown.
Screen was showing content for few seconds and then disappear. day by day, it was going to be worse.
I took to Imagine Apple Store (only store for Apple product), they said Engineer was not available all day, but surely they will help to fix this. I called Apple help over phone, he asked few question and finally with some testing, he confirmed that it is Hardware issue and asked to visit same store. Next Day I visited over there and
now they checked it. Engineer confirmed that it is hardware issue and asked to me to take machine with myself. I was bit surprised, but feel good about this. He suggested that if it is fixable issue, then he will otherwise, new laptop will be provide (but at evening he cleared that it will repairable issue, so only repaired).
I called Apple Technical support again
(want to ask why my machine is going to replace, why Repaired), English Gentleman cleared that if you comlaint within 10 days, then only we are able to replace in India, otherwise repaired. I was bit late (on 12th day, I asked to store for repair).

Any way yesterday, Engineer called me and asked to bring laptop. I took to store around 1PM, He started work on it. LCD need to replace. I was sitting over there for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Hours. "Sir, we are working. it very complex structure. this
is, that is" but finally at 9, it was fixed and
I took it with me, now working fine.
(but this is my view that company like Royal Apple, should replace, not repair, even it is working fine, but Stantard and value goes down with opening body. This is for Dell, HP and all other world, but not for Apple

22 April, 2008

MacBook, Mac OS 10.5 and OpenSUSE 10.3

I tried to install Linux (opensuse 10.3) on
my newest MacBook. Each Time I put
DVD or CD. It showed Blank Screens with
single cursor. What is this?
even tried with opensuse 11 Alpha2, but
same problem. I couldn't think that it was
Software Issue as Suse is best yet for me
to Hardware, but I used fedora 8 CD. Oh,
yes, it is also failed. so it was some new issue, which was not yet discussed in
any fourm or Mailing list (I searched 2 days on google, but not able to find).

while Windows Vista boot normal as Mac
support itself. This make me quite dispointted.

Finally I put my USB keyboard and mouse to start MacBook and by chance, rEFlt
boot from DVD and it started installation.

Cool, it worked, I verified 2 times later that during Boot rEFlt failed to boot from CD/DVD ROM if you have not Keyboard attached. Don't know if it is bug or not,
but now I have installed openSUSE 10.3
on my system as per instruction given
on THIS Page.

only problem I found after installation is
Sound, which is still not working, I tried
various solution.

16 April, 2008

Mac OS and Import Keyboard Layout

While I am using Mac in English (as Punjabi is not available),
but need Unicode Punjabi (Gurmukhi) Input, which is available
partially in Mac with Help of small variant of Incript and
Phonetic for Gurmukhi, but I was not use to any of those.

So, first issue to
How to Make New Layout (surely Import) in Mac OS?
Text input or any Editor available in Mac?

Where to Use that File and whether any Text or Binary File required?

and last issue how to Configure newly made Keymap?

from with google, I found very good Unicode Mac Keyboard
Layout Editor "Free"
it is Easy to copy present Keyboard layout and modified
as per required. Documentation is also good,
which help to fix me 3rd issue (where to)

good thing about Mac is to use XML file directly.
(2nd issue FIXED)

Just copy newly created layout in your Home folder 's directory
and it will start use immediately
~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/

so Path on my machine is following:
/Users/aalam/Library/Keyboard Layouts

Click on your Top-Right Side (Keyboard Indicator)
and Click to add new layout,
select Gurmukhi Jhelum and start using that.

My system working fine for me now. Biggest issue for
type Gurmukhi (Punjabi) FIXED, but few question still
in my mind

How to Import this layout in Upstream (in Mac OS by default)
and how to contact with Those people to improve Punjabi
support in OS. (surely Font Shape is Best among other
Oerating system including Windows XP, Vista, Linux
and other Free Fonts (Saab, Lohit or any other),
but I am missing 25cc (Unicode), dotted Circle in fonts.
Also want to improvement in Keyboard layout.

12 April, 2008

MacBook and my EC325 - Cost 1850Rs at Imagine

After getting MacBook (white), first challange was 19'' Dell Montior, whether
it work or now. Purchased Mini-DVI to DVI convertor and it works fine (because it
support 1400x990, while Mac only has
1248x1048). This was biggest issue,
which is actually Nothing.

While, I was sure about Reliance EC325 Modem that It would work fine (a it was
detected easliy under Linux).
but I was really in trouble, when it
was not detected under 'dmesg',
showing some error to detect device.

I asked Mac Center regarding that, Engineer Called me after 1 hour and told
"offically" Rs 1850/- need to pay to fix
issue, if you give me your home address, I will fix in Rs 1000/- "privately".
"What the hell you are taking and what whom?"
I told him to call later and start searching driver for EC325
you can download from here:
Huawei EC325 Driver for Mac OS
(Language is Thai, you may not read, but
Docuement is available for Intel machine, and
you can get Link to download driver from that document).
[Direct Download Mac OS Driver for Huawei EC325 (Zip file)]

Just install and restart your Mac and it will
detect your USB modem. (try to read
Image in PDF with driver.

It saves my 1000Rs(~25USD - Privately, and ~50USD offically), and help to
improve my experience for Mac as well as
for Hardware. But it was bad experience
only with Imagine (Mac Selling Center in

10 April, 2008

Got New Mac Book - White, Apple, and Leopard

yes, I purchased Mac Book (ਆਮ). Yes, it was too costly,
but I was one of my biggest desire to work on it.

It is white one, it has an Apple on Top, It has very
different keyboard from normal. It has Very Very
Cool Graphic.

More feature include:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz
160GB - HDD (SATA)
13'' (I like this very much)
Mac OS Leopard 10.5.2
DVD - RW (Dual Layer)
Built-in iSight camera

I had plan to take Mac OS Leopard, but they
said, it will take 2 week to make available, ok,
I asked my RH Friend Amit to give me DVD. After
3 Days, I got it. I wanted to install on my
Dell E1405 (with has Default Windows XP and
OpenSUSE installed). I collected all documentation,
whole patches, just ready to install, but shit,
Mac is providing DL DVD (dual Layer), while
my laptop has only DVD-RW.

Final I visited their Store (which is just next
building to my office). I liked Mac Mini
very much, It was Nice one with DL-DVD-RW.
it only need Monitor, keyboard and mouse.
4 USB port and 2GB RAM, it is really good idea to enjoy
Mac (although it is also costly than normal).

Final I make decision to buy Laptop only as
Kanwal need a laptop, so I can give Dell to him
(surely he will never like anything other than
Whilte MacBook

so there is my choice: MacBook White (MB403LL)
Features are already give.
It cost me around 66,450Rs
Yes, it is costly, but it is super, it is best.

Accident, yes it was accident, which happened as my
Friend Jaswinder told. Office lift was not working, so
we visited to Mac Store and it happened.
We are out of money now totally.
CC has only Rs 23 left in balance.

I have plan to install OpenSUSE with this, so
that Translation can continue with it. but will
wait if I can manage CVS, SVN from it.
ਹਾਂ, ਬੇਸ਼ਕ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਲਈ ਸੇਵਾ ਤਾਂ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ ਕੰਮ ਹੈ!!!
Still a lot of new challenges are ahead, lot of new learning,
and a lot of fun.
ਹੁਣ ਜੇ ਕਿਸੇ ਨੂੰ ਕਹੀਏ ਤਾਂ ਕੀ?
ਬਾਕੀ ਗਲਾਂ ਬਾਅਦ ਸੋਹਣੀਏ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ ਸਰਦਾਰ ਆਂ...

03 April, 2008

Windows Vista and Linux: Software Issue or Hardware?

This was first time, when I got chance to work
with Windows Vista. My Friend Felix Brought
his Dell Inspration 1420 with Windows Vista
He was trying to install Fedora with Vista, but
when Installed fedora, it was installed Boot loader
(GRUB) in MBR, Windows was selected by default (which
is expected), but when it is selected ("Other") from
Grub, Vista Failed to Boot.
Again he installed Windows Vista without removing
Linux,It worked for Windows Vista (as it replace
Now during searching for Windows Vista + Grub,
we found that there is Software "EasyBCD", which
can install Linux/Mac Boot-loader to Windows Boot
Installed, configured as mentioned, but Failed.
now 'Windows Boot Manger' failed to Boot Linux,
showing some technical Error.

wasted lot of time to find solution. It was not common
issue, because I installed OpenSUSE 10.3 on Rajesh's
Machine, which also had Windows Vista.

Final continue with Searching for solution, I found
something regarding BIOS Setting. Oh, yes, how
I forgot this.
it brought Signal Green to mind. SATA is making problem??

Dell provide SATA as AHCI mode default in BIOS, which
was necessary for New "Flash" feature. I have never
heard about this. by Disabling, when install fedora,
it was again showing error.
Chain loader failed work again. Try to check what was
error, it was showing error "No Loader Found"
why? at Grub, pressed 'e', it showing

title Windows
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader (hd0,1)
why (hd0,1), when Vista has separte Boot partition on
/dev/sda1 (Other than where it is install, not 'C').
Yes, this was strange, but it is true now.
when used following line instead,

chainloader (hd0,0)

it worked, yes, it worked. and I enjoyed very
much to fix this issue. This was today full
day research.

will try to search whether that "AHCI" and "ATA"
mode change helped to fix this or not.

25 March, 2008

UN Works Programme on endangered languages

There has been a huge debate about Unesco's report on disappearence of Punjabi language in next 50 years. I have been searching unsuccessfully on google to find original Unesco report to confirm this. What I have found so far is a link to endangered languages in India that mentions Sharda lipi (Kasmiri) as endangered.
Punjabi is not mentioned on this page as endangered, but I could not get hold of Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger of Disappearing which seems to include list of all endangered languages. Unesco site states that a new version will be out in 2008, I am looking forward to read it.

I heared some people commenting that Unesco has not authority on saying that Punjabi is endangered. Unesco has acutually deviced a framework to access language vitality and endangerment. Unesco programme includes all languages and an interesting but worrying fact is that one language disappeares every two weeks. Give the current attitude of native punjabi people toward punjabi it seems to be a real possibility in next 5 to 10 years. Most british born punjabis can speak punjabi, but can not read or write it. I will assume similar situation in Canada and US.

Its time to act. Now.

18 March, 2008

when Fedora has better KDE4 face than opensuse

from last 3 months, I am using opensuse for KDE4,
while I install fedora (rawhide), it seems only KDE4
package, although it somehow difficult to use it,
but it is full of applications. While opensuse 10.3
still have both (which is better in some options).

fedora got fast latest package and no different repo
for it. It is quite easy as compared to opensuse
(where I have to find 3 different repo and
once system broke for KDE4)

let us see Fedora 9 and OpenSUSE 11 release, what
they are going to serve.....

03 March, 2008

how to get credit for Public domain work?

After getting a call from Gurdwara Sahib, I was wonder
how can I make Old Historical Document available to
Public, when people recognize my work, which actually
I did for computerization of those. Surely if
somebody else can copy and make available under
his name (even in public domain), then it will hurt
a lot and I would no longer like to work on those!!!

what is solution? any license?
it seems no, as 60 years old Books, documents automatically
came under Public domain.

What I propose to them it like, we should make
public advt as soon as we public on Internet.
All Punjabi Newspaper, Electrician Media,
we should make those available Details, what we
did, what is effect, who we are, so that
if people find any other copy from somebody else,
they should know "oh, this, this is done by Those
people (us)".

This is only way I found effective.
All Punjabi communist literature is already in
Public Domain, People know it is and who did this.
So Credit for doing such work was not going to waste at all.

29 February, 2008

Punjabi Layout Fixed and Update Indic Layouts

while filed a bug for Punjabi Language in FreeDesktop (XKB),

I found various layouts still using 0x00, while is some how complex to
understand by new person (I remembered my College Days, while we
started Punlinux project and only understood Unicode (U0A07 etc)).

So I requested Maintainer to Change those 0X00 -> U,
he asked me to if I can. I started work on this and
fixed in 2 hours, but error take 2 days to fix. now
it is fixed and committed.

Maintainer Wants to fix some Characters, which has
no-sense in Language like:
Gujarati Keymap has following:
guj_rra, guj_nnna, guj_llla

Searched in Unicode Chart, but make no-sense,
So tried by typing with that layout. It was
showing same character as without Shift (those
were SHIFT characters).
so replaced with Unicode.

Other than this, basic work done as
0x000935 - > U0935,
0x00950 -> U950

Still Some Languages (Including Tamil) has
some layout in ASCII, which I skipped to update due to
Error in file.
following is list for those layout:

* India - Tamil TSCII Typewriter
* India - Tamil TAB Typewriter

files still contains:
0x10000b7, 0x10000a4 ] }; // aytham

I tried my best to skip any mistake or alter the
layout, but it is, that will be great difficutly for
me or maintainer. That's what I understood from
Maintainer (SUV) 's last reply on bug, which
is saying like
"Great! Committed! Thanks for your help. I hope noone gets angry because of your
changes to existing in variants;)"

let us see what community or people say on this (surely
until someone open this file and modify, till then
nobody will reply)

27 February, 2008

N810 - OS update 'cleans' Everything

Yesterday I got update for N810 and tried to update.
for backup, I tried to use tool (expecting around 50MB),
but failed many times, so Finally I skip and update directly.

Bookmarks, Chat account, Mail Account, Saved User on Website,
Song, Other Setting lost as usual.

21 February, 2008

Keyboard with XKB for Punjabi

for Punjabi, we have 2 major layouts:
Inscript (Govt of India) - Not able to update
Jhulem (Refined Inscript) - Created by Sukhjinder Sidhu and maintained by POST

we have already fixed in SCIM/IIIMF, but skip XKB and I have
not care too much about this. But with talking on this
topic, I found I did a mistake to ignore it as
we actually don't need SCIM or other High GUI
input method. Any Reason to USE if we can
input with just XKB? surely I don't have.
for CJK may be, but for Indic, no.

So I start working to fix this. Porting
Jhelum to XKB and updating Inscript
Bug at XKB with Freedesktop:

still it is somehow hard to fix than SCIM, but
it is more useful because it is by Default with
each distribution. Hard means: you need a
character for your language that is IT, other
thing is same

hoping that coming Hand held device can
continue with New Punjabi layouts
(my N810 should;-) )

17 February, 2008

Indic Mash up

Today was Sunday and we have Indic Mashup (http://www.indlinux.org/wiki/index.php/IndicMashup1)
I joined it from two reason:
1. Jaswinder was not here. So I think to join to as Punjabi community member.
2. I am going to get comp-off for this day. This allow me to surely Join this.

finally We started almost 30 minutes late, but we have lot of things to
discuss, while start with keyboard layouts, Unicode, fonts and
finally sorting order for various language.

New Punjabi Team Member Pirthi was with me. It was new experience for him.
Surely he had not enjoyed this too much, but it will help him to make
further progress in Community.

I got few things fixed for working:
1) Keyboard layout (for XKB)
2) New Unicode 5.1.0 - New Punjabi additions
3) font issue

Overall this was great Experience for me and learning lamha for me.
(although comp-off was most important for me than this)

11 February, 2008

opensuse: KDE - Structure got changed

opensuse recently changed the KDE REPO Structure:

Please check Latest REPO (for 10.3) and update

KDE3.x.x - Backport

For Detail, please check:

Now I got most KDE application working only kmail (KDE4) has
problem, which was got installed, but not updated. Still
waiting for further Update

N810 - GPS and Google maps

pune - map with N810
After a month with N810, I was not able to use
GPS, if start from Map Mapper if always failed, if use
from Control Panel, then it failed to start, only
show signal. Final I use google to search for any solution.
Yes, there is Cold and Hot boot. I tried with with
South Direction and it detected the Signal in just 10
mintues. Now it was time to test with Map Mapper.
to easy boot, I use GPS-Saver.
with this, Map Mapper works fine. Put in may Car
and within 2-5 mins, it got signal. Now
Default Maps are not good for India. So,
I switched to Google Maps. Cool, it has enough
detail to show Cars on Road (yes you need
Internet connection). Once you get map, GPS
works very well, you can get all road, you
can get Satellite map also.
During last 2 days visit, I created whole visits
maps. Just Start N810, Start GPS-saver and Map-mapper,
put on car's Dashboard and start journey. within few mintues,
your GPS start working and you can get Red Line moving
on Map, while Blue Dot showing your current location.
you can get detail about Satellite with
Menu->GPS->GPS Summary. It shows you how many
satellite tracked by GPS. (In Pune I got max 8 out of
available 12). if you need more detail, then goto
Menu-GPS->GPS Details, it shows beautiful positions
of Satellites with 3 Circles. Blue Satellite provide
Position to your GPS.
Finally with help of Google maps (and Internet connecction),
I liked the N810 GPS Test Solution. It is really nice, Cool.

07 February, 2008

Punjabi Community, Google and Ease to use

We have joined some new friends in Punjabi
As a Team member, I am changing process in team,
so we have more focus on on Google now, so I asked them
to join Google Group than Mailing list, which
is quite easy to Join (as both has Gmail Address)
and it is easy to configure the choice to get
mail or not
Punjabi Users (anything released to Punjabi):
Punjabi Translation (Punjabi Translation on Software, books etc):
Punjabi Bug list (Only bugs)

Now google groups has great features as
easy to join, configure (whether you want to
get mail or not) and read old mails from people.

now those new people can help us to know how easy to
work with team on google.

06 February, 2008

Fedora 9 Alpha - KDE again failed

Fedora 9 Alpha Tested, installed only
KDE, remove Gnome from installation itself.
I have Intel 4 core machine. after installation,
GDM start (actually this is first bad news).
while it never ask to create user, but asking
me to select "Guest user". anyway I was not
able to login.
after single user login, I created a user,
but know again, I am not able to KDE as Screen
is hanged (showing nothing to desktop).

Again going back, single user login, install
gnome-desktop group with yum, now I am
able to login and got Desktop, where Theme
is quite lightweight.
it is Alpha, I know, hope for more exiting
changes in Beta and final release.

28 January, 2008

Attention Pls!!!! Nokia Puts Hand in Trolltech

Complete Announcement

Nokia /QT call it is agreement, but I can't understand
what actually those words want to express.

I got N810 few days back and it is Best Product from
Nokia for me. It is linux based o maemo Linux Distribution,
which has GTK base. Then what the Nokia is going to do with
QT at all???
2 things can be
First, may be want to port to Tablet PC (like n810)
or may want to replace S60 from Nokia Phones
(if nokia do, that will be biggest change in Dirty

anyway still we have time to wait and watch,
which way Nokia going to drill Open SOurce...

22 January, 2008

first posting from N810

this is first posting from device, which
i got as gift from Narinderpal Singh G (USA)
it really cool Linnx device, but yet not India
ready for this.

it is nice, what else I can say

16 January, 2008

Ignorence of Punjabi Language by Open Source People also...

it is not big story if a $$ based company ignore
my language. I never worry about it. If
somebody abuse me, I worry a little and if somebody
put my language down, I hurt deeply, still there
are some exceptions like Business companies.
But as I member of Open Source (softwares and
all), I never expected this Ignorance. But it
happened time to time, Punjabi as special case.
When we started Punjabi translation for Open
Source softwares, we did 100% Gnome translation,
but some people tried to put us down by not
providing we translation (I don't have any
cvs account). But it was luck that we
got 7 more days in Final gnome release (it
was ONLY time in gnome release till date when
it got delayed). IT WAS DONE!!!!
Some other time, some INTEL people comment
on Punjabi. "Why you added Punjabi support
to Red Hat, when it is not required".
of Shit you ....
it never like to talk to anybody about INTEL
anymore. Really it was baddest comment made
by a INTEL lady, when I was standing before her:-(

This time KDE 4, I translated announcement for
KDE 4, which was sent to me by Indian KDE
coordinator (some benagli Gay, Pradeepto)
If I want I can sent that directly to person
who was actually coordinator, but I respected
But that Guy not just ignore Punjabi Language
in his interview, but make false comment about
it. __LINK___

True Face of KDE Translation:
KDE 4 Supported (only 3 Indic Language):
Tamil - 47%
Punjabi - 42%
Hindi - 37%

Punjabi is most Active Language in KDE from
India, we update translation daily and
all releases.
Language he mentioned has less than 10%
or zero translation including
Benglai (India) (5 < ), Gurjarati (0)
Malayalam (0), Marathi (5 < )

Just to make your impression, make
false press report is not good idea, when
you are trying to work for Open Source
Project. What Hell r u doing here if
not respect people working on "Free".

Anyway it 2008 's first report for Punjabi
hope for best for next...
Here is Punjabi Translation of Annoncement

15 January, 2008

Fedora KDE Translation Package - still wait to release

After install the Fedora with KDE4, I was hoping that
I will see Punjabi Interface, but what is this?
only English, I tried to search with 'yum', 'yumex',
'pirut' by giving 'l10n' or 'i18n', but no result.

I search on Fedora wiki, oh yes, I got it, they are
under progress. Yes, still not ready to release
even after release of KDE4 officially. Even I
have not seen any package maintainer for KDE.

from meeting log 8Jan2008,
this week it should be available, but even on 15Jan, it has non,
but today is meeting day for KDE SIG Team.
So I would like to participate with them on meeting channel
(yes I m back with fedora for special packages)

let me ping people on Freenode's #fedora-kde
channel and get what is update. Hope that
we can see Language package for KDE4 soon
our Desktop soon

14 January, 2008

Fedora Installation - Wait, Wait and Still waiting

start with Fedora Installation after a long time,
it was first time, I used to add fedora repo (Additional),
even repo was local, then also I tried to get from external
Repo, which take a long time to get, even after 1/2 hour
when I used Alt+F2, then only I know that it was trying to
get repo data from unreachable site (and 3/10 try).
So I quit this, Restart Installation and skip that
"Waiting or Additional" repo. this time after
pressing Next, (after selecting repo), it take
around 10 min to start.
Time to start installation is really more as compared
to configuration with anaconda

11 January, 2008

Windows, Internet and Virus - Wishing you all the Best

My Friend ,from Australia, is working there
from last 1 year and continue study. He has laptop
with Windows XP Home Edition. He removed Original
copy and install illegal XP Prof.
Now he system hacked yesterday and he called to
help. He removed C Partition and tried to Fresh install
but still he has problem.
"What did u do with it?"
"don't know, I was talking with my friend and
he send me file like mp3, I got it and suddenly
my mouse becomes out of control"
I understood he was became Victim of Attack and
his machine become Base for Target, it is just
finished his call, I back to seat and checked that
I got a file from him.
"Thank God it was Linux" so I have no problem, but
he was.
FInally we got only solution to fix this virus is
that he has to remove Whole partition from Hard disk
and make new partitions.
his USB drive was also effected with Virus. Finally
he did fresh installation and then try to connect
net. yes, He was online, but it sucks his Whole working
Day (where he can earn upto $250 ASD). Yes, it was
Windows and internet. I can only Say "Best Wishes to you"

10 January, 2008

starting something new "sharing us"

This is new start for me,
as Memeber for Open Source Community.
it is really "for the People, from People, by the People"

yes, I am starting my day collect in this Big Bug
Interface, where people can make comment and share
ideas. It is blog to give me interface with Universe.

So it is "ਤੇਰਾ ਤੁਝ ਕੋ ਸੌਂਪ ਦਿਆ ਕਯਾ ਲਾਗੇ ਮੇਰਾ"