29 June, 2009

presto - Real save to Network bill

with Fedroa 11, I installed 'presto' and
start using on my home computer. It works
really well. Today first time, I saw its real work.
| 259 MB 04:56
Presto reduced the updates to 35 M from 259 M which is a 87% savings.
Package(s) data still to download: 1.8 M

Total Download Size for Packages: 261MB
with Presto:
Download delta size: 35 M
+ 1.8MB

so finally I have to download only ~37MB, which
is quite small as compared to real size of packages.

How to use that:
just install following pacakges:
presto, yum-presto
and it will work automatically. This is smart update
method to save my internet bill, which is based on
Download MBs.

Fedora is not first, but now it is supporting.
(opensuse already using detla RPM, even detla
iso also).

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