04 January, 2010

Intel i7-720QM and Core 2 Duo Difference...

While searching for latest, faster Mobile processor,
I just stuck for Intel's Latest Intel i7-720QM.
Surely it seems quite good, but how much from
currently with me? (Intel Core to Duo P8600 and
Intel Core to Duo P9600)
Few Differnce you can get with i7 vs C2D are

Processor NumberP9600P8600i7-720QM
No. of Cores224
No. of Threads228
Processor Base Frequency2.66 GHz2.4 GHz1.6 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency

2.8 GHz
Cache6 MB L2 Cache3 MB L2 Cache6 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Bus/Core Ratio
System Bus1066 MHz1066 MHz2.5 GT/s
FSB ParityNoNo
Max TDP25 W25 W45 W

Processing Die Size107 mm2107 mm2296 mm2
No of Processing Die Transistors410 million410 million774 million

Intel® Turbo Boost TechnologyNoNoYes
Intel® Hyper-Threading TechnologyNoNoYes
Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x)YesYesYes
Intel® Trusted Execution TechnologyYesYesYes
AES New Instructions


i7 based laptop has hal battery life than P8600.

Dell is start selling Laptop with i7 processor, while Intel is going to release
i5 and i3 Mobile Q1 2010.

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