15 January, 2008

Fedora KDE Translation Package - still wait to release

After install the Fedora with KDE4, I was hoping that
I will see Punjabi Interface, but what is this?
only English, I tried to search with 'yum', 'yumex',
'pirut' by giving 'l10n' or 'i18n', but no result.

I search on Fedora wiki, oh yes, I got it, they are
under progress. Yes, still not ready to release
even after release of KDE4 officially. Even I
have not seen any package maintainer for KDE.

from meeting log 8Jan2008,
this week it should be available, but even on 15Jan, it has non,
but today is meeting day for KDE SIG Team.
So I would like to participate with them on meeting channel
(yes I m back with fedora for special packages)

let me ping people on Freenode's #fedora-kde
channel and get what is update. Hope that
we can see Language package for KDE4 soon
our Desktop soon

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