11 January, 2008

Windows, Internet and Virus - Wishing you all the Best

My Friend ,from Australia, is working there
from last 1 year and continue study. He has laptop
with Windows XP Home Edition. He removed Original
copy and install illegal XP Prof.
Now he system hacked yesterday and he called to
help. He removed C Partition and tried to Fresh install
but still he has problem.
"What did u do with it?"
"don't know, I was talking with my friend and
he send me file like mp3, I got it and suddenly
my mouse becomes out of control"
I understood he was became Victim of Attack and
his machine become Base for Target, it is just
finished his call, I back to seat and checked that
I got a file from him.
"Thank God it was Linux" so I have no problem, but
he was.
FInally we got only solution to fix this virus is
that he has to remove Whole partition from Hard disk
and make new partitions.
his USB drive was also effected with Virus. Finally
he did fresh installation and then try to connect
net. yes, He was online, but it sucks his Whole working
Day (where he can earn upto $250 ASD). Yes, it was
Windows and internet. I can only Say "Best Wishes to you"

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