21 February, 2008

Keyboard with XKB for Punjabi

for Punjabi, we have 2 major layouts:
Inscript (Govt of India) - Not able to update
Jhulem (Refined Inscript) - Created by Sukhjinder Sidhu and maintained by POST

we have already fixed in SCIM/IIIMF, but skip XKB and I have
not care too much about this. But with talking on this
topic, I found I did a mistake to ignore it as
we actually don't need SCIM or other High GUI
input method. Any Reason to USE if we can
input with just XKB? surely I don't have.
for CJK may be, but for Indic, no.

So I start working to fix this. Porting
Jhelum to XKB and updating Inscript
Bug at XKB with Freedesktop:

still it is somehow hard to fix than SCIM, but
it is more useful because it is by Default with
each distribution. Hard means: you need a
character for your language that is IT, other
thing is same

hoping that coming Hand held device can
continue with New Punjabi layouts
(my N810 should;-) )

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