11 February, 2008

N810 - GPS and Google maps

pune - map with N810
After a month with N810, I was not able to use
GPS, if start from Map Mapper if always failed, if use
from Control Panel, then it failed to start, only
show signal. Final I use google to search for any solution.
Yes, there is Cold and Hot boot. I tried with with
South Direction and it detected the Signal in just 10
mintues. Now it was time to test with Map Mapper.
to easy boot, I use GPS-Saver.
with this, Map Mapper works fine. Put in may Car
and within 2-5 mins, it got signal. Now
Default Maps are not good for India. So,
I switched to Google Maps. Cool, it has enough
detail to show Cars on Road (yes you need
Internet connection). Once you get map, GPS
works very well, you can get all road, you
can get Satellite map also.
During last 2 days visit, I created whole visits
maps. Just Start N810, Start GPS-saver and Map-mapper,
put on car's Dashboard and start journey. within few mintues,
your GPS start working and you can get Red Line moving
on Map, while Blue Dot showing your current location.
you can get detail about Satellite with
Menu->GPS->GPS Summary. It shows you how many
satellite tracked by GPS. (In Pune I got max 8 out of
available 12). if you need more detail, then goto
Menu-GPS->GPS Details, it shows beautiful positions
of Satellites with 3 Circles. Blue Satellite provide
Position to your GPS.
Finally with help of Google maps (and Internet connecction),
I liked the N810 GPS Test Solution. It is really nice, Cool.

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