16 April, 2008

Mac OS and Import Keyboard Layout

While I am using Mac in English (as Punjabi is not available),
but need Unicode Punjabi (Gurmukhi) Input, which is available
partially in Mac with Help of small variant of Incript and
Phonetic for Gurmukhi, but I was not use to any of those.

So, first issue to
How to Make New Layout (surely Import) in Mac OS?
Text input or any Editor available in Mac?

Where to Use that File and whether any Text or Binary File required?

and last issue how to Configure newly made Keymap?

from with google, I found very good Unicode Mac Keyboard
Layout Editor "Free"
it is Easy to copy present Keyboard layout and modified
as per required. Documentation is also good,
which help to fix me 3rd issue (where to)

good thing about Mac is to use XML file directly.
(2nd issue FIXED)

Just copy newly created layout in your Home folder 's directory
and it will start use immediately
~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/

so Path on my machine is following:
/Users/aalam/Library/Keyboard Layouts

Click on your Top-Right Side (Keyboard Indicator)
and Click to add new layout,
select Gurmukhi Jhelum and start using that.

My system working fine for me now. Biggest issue for
type Gurmukhi (Punjabi) FIXED, but few question still
in my mind

How to Import this layout in Upstream (in Mac OS by default)
and how to contact with Those people to improve Punjabi
support in OS. (surely Font Shape is Best among other
Oerating system including Windows XP, Vista, Linux
and other Free Fonts (Saab, Lohit or any other),
but I am missing 25cc (Unicode), dotted Circle in fonts.
Also want to improvement in Keyboard layout.

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