03 April, 2008

Windows Vista and Linux: Software Issue or Hardware?

This was first time, when I got chance to work
with Windows Vista. My Friend Felix Brought
his Dell Inspration 1420 with Windows Vista
He was trying to install Fedora with Vista, but
when Installed fedora, it was installed Boot loader
(GRUB) in MBR, Windows was selected by default (which
is expected), but when it is selected ("Other") from
Grub, Vista Failed to Boot.
Again he installed Windows Vista without removing
Linux,It worked for Windows Vista (as it replace
Now during searching for Windows Vista + Grub,
we found that there is Software "EasyBCD", which
can install Linux/Mac Boot-loader to Windows Boot
Installed, configured as mentioned, but Failed.
now 'Windows Boot Manger' failed to Boot Linux,
showing some technical Error.

wasted lot of time to find solution. It was not common
issue, because I installed OpenSUSE 10.3 on Rajesh's
Machine, which also had Windows Vista.

Final continue with Searching for solution, I found
something regarding BIOS Setting. Oh, yes, how
I forgot this.
it brought Signal Green to mind. SATA is making problem??

Dell provide SATA as AHCI mode default in BIOS, which
was necessary for New "Flash" feature. I have never
heard about this. by Disabling, when install fedora,
it was again showing error.
Chain loader failed work again. Try to check what was
error, it was showing error "No Loader Found"
why? at Grub, pressed 'e', it showing

title Windows
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader (hd0,1)
why (hd0,1), when Vista has separte Boot partition on
/dev/sda1 (Other than where it is install, not 'C').
Yes, this was strange, but it is true now.
when used following line instead,

chainloader (hd0,0)

it worked, yes, it worked. and I enjoyed very
much to fix this issue. This was today full
day research.

will try to search whether that "AHCI" and "ATA"
mode change helped to fix this or not.

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