02 May, 2008

Mac - Hardware issue - Fixed in 8 days

last week, I have very painfull time as New macbook undergone a mjaor breakdown.
Screen was showing content for few seconds and then disappear. day by day, it was going to be worse.
I took to Imagine Apple Store (only store for Apple product), they said Engineer was not available all day, but surely they will help to fix this. I called Apple help over phone, he asked few question and finally with some testing, he confirmed that it is Hardware issue and asked to visit same store. Next Day I visited over there and
now they checked it. Engineer confirmed that it is hardware issue and asked to me to take machine with myself. I was bit surprised, but feel good about this. He suggested that if it is fixable issue, then he will otherwise, new laptop will be provide (but at evening he cleared that it will repairable issue, so only repaired).
I called Apple Technical support again
(want to ask why my machine is going to replace, why Repaired), English Gentleman cleared that if you comlaint within 10 days, then only we are able to replace in India, otherwise repaired. I was bit late (on 12th day, I asked to store for repair).

Any way yesterday, Engineer called me and asked to bring laptop. I took to store around 1PM, He started work on it. LCD need to replace. I was sitting over there for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Hours. "Sir, we are working. it very complex structure. this
is, that is" but finally at 9, it was fixed and
I took it with me, now working fine.
(but this is my view that company like Royal Apple, should replace, not repair, even it is working fine, but Stantard and value goes down with opening body. This is for Dell, HP and all other world, but not for Apple

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