19 July, 2008

EU - Time to uncover Intel's dirty face...

as News on BBC, European regulators Commission started probe
againist Intel for Serious
case for "Not to Keep Stock" for AMD.
Intel also forced Dealer to swtich ONLY to intel products.
Intel also asked dealer to "Delay" any planned AMD product launch plan.

if failed to reply and loss the case, then fine to Intel can be up to 10% of annual turnover.

it is same story in various part of world, in India, it seems Intel
and M$ showing same trend from years. I have recently ordered Laptop
from "DELL", when asked for AMD based laptop (expecting less prices),
then Sellsman tried to convence me to buy only Intel based, as "AMD
has more issue, you will have to pay more, it is not available," even
it took 15 mintunes to find AMD based laptop, while it should not
be. Finally he said it will cost me 4,000 Rs (~$100) more than same configuration
with Intel. what? but it should be.
Same case when I asked laptop without Microsoft Vista. Laptop
was with only DOS, but cost only lower 1000 Rs ($25). Is Vista
available in just $25?

it is India, so nobody is going to regulate these people, but we should
have to learn from EU, if you are with good spirit. Open Source
People should make awareness about These type of Monopolies.
Problem with Open Source companises is that those are also trying to
following their Closed Source Friends.

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