26 November, 2008

Fedora 10 and Indic...

Finally Fedora 10!


You can see various other Indic languages in list on main page.

Main Look is, Punjabi Web Interface back again after a long time.
Link for Punjabi Interface is here

according to Release notes, Major Update (not all)
KDE 4.1 (KDE4 's first Stable release)
Gnome 2.24
Special for Indic Language
On Screen Keyboard for Indic Language

iBus - New Alternative for SCIM

Help for Other Multimedia Help

If you want to listen WMA or other patented formats, use WIFI or other package, which is not part of
Fedora, please don't forget to use RPM Fusion!

USB Boot information and other support,
USB Boot...

If you are an Indic user of Fedora, then surely you will find a bug in Firefox, which is
not yet fixed and Avaiable to track:
Fedora Bug:

Mozilla upstream is going to fix after (in, yet is far away from release.
Still only one workaround provided by Fedora Engineer
Download here and Install (only xulrunner package is enough)

Will update more for Indic languages in Fedora 10 later...

till then Enjoy for Indic in Fedora 10!

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Screenshot are available available now: