18 December, 2009

Punjabi Support Enable on Windows 7

Windows 7 has Unicode 5.1 Support for Punjabi,
it is very easy to enable this support on Windows.
If you take care during installation and select Punjabi
(it is Punjabi (India)), in Language list, then
it is very easy.

I have put few screenshot here to Enable Punjabi Support
Control Panel
Load the control panel by clicking on the "Start"' menu and pressing the "Control Panel" icon. Make sure you are in category view. Select the icon that says "Clock, Language and Regional Options" and then select "Region and Language"

Region and Language
Select the "Format" tab and make sure you select the option saying "English (USA)" and select "Punjabi (India)".

If you are outside India, please use "Additional Settings" and Change Currency or Select "Location" Tab to select Location.

INPUT Punjabi
Type Punjabi On Desktop
Now you can see icon near Notification area with "EN" as shown

You can use the combination ALT + SHIFT to switch between different keyboard layouts (e.g. from a English Keyboard to Gurmukhi and vice-versa).

Don't know Punjabi Keyboard?
if you are new to Punjabi input and don't know Punjabi Keyboard Layout, there is easy solution to input Punjabi "On-Screen Keyboard".
On-Screen Keyboard can be accessed by clicking on the "Start" -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Ease to Access -> On-Screen Keyboard"

I liked On-Screen Keyboard, which also has Punjabi Support,
just open Keyboard and select Punjabi from Icon (or Alt+Shift),
the you can see the Keyboard in Punjabi.

Complete Detail on Community Website.
Please share it with Punjabi, ask to read/write Punjabi (Gurmukhi) on
their Computer. Ask to Use Unicode, so that we permote our
language over web...

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