15 February, 2010

N900 with Punjabi support....

I got N900 for Testing Punjabi on it.
While need to install fonts, I was not
clear about rendering after installing
fonts. it is based on Maemo Linux, so
you can install/use application easily

After install openssl-client/server,
scp lohit-punjabi fonts from fedora
machine to N900 and 'fc-cache',
run 'fennec'.

While after reboot, I can see the
Punjabi in mail and other places
(no interface translation available yet).
Most Important thing was Rendering,
which is just working and good enough
to use. fonts was installed on N810, but
there is Punjabi Rendering was broken

More Screenshot you can check here

from i18n Point of view, following task with status:
-Fonts- Working - Need to package
-Rendering - Working - Nothing to Done
-Input - Need to Work - Need to Package

Now Android:
No Indian Language is supported as such, but
got a chance to check Samsung Galaxy Spica
It has Hindi Interface, but Rendering broken.
Same as Apple iPhone.

Now it seems Nokia should work fast, but less
hard to provide Indian language as Rendering is
working and just installing fonts can
help to enable support.


Kulpreet said...

Sat Sri Akal,

I follow your blog regularly and am happy that you are one of the few people that I have seen that realize the potential and importance of using Unicode Gurmukhi. This is post is very interesting. I would just like to point out that I was successfully able to get Punjabi working on the iPhone with rendering and input, by applying a few of my own patches to the font and using a program called iKeyEx with a custom keyboard that I made. You can check out the gallery here: http://picasaweb.google.com/kulpreet.com/IPhoneGurmukhiRendering

The iPhone OS really has nice integration with international languages (after you get them rendering properly :| )

A S Alam said...

Sat Sri Akal Ji,
Ya, If apple want, iPhone can be
best device supported by Indian
language, same with other companies
if they want, but problem is same,
if they want-> if we want.
Even Thai, Vietnami/CJK [1] are released
for Small mobile phones, but Non of
[1] where CJK are more complex than our languages