07 August, 2009

Punjabi Openoffice.org Rendering issue with Windows

While Testing Openoffice on Windows I
found during typing Punjabi (pa), dependant
Vowel showing Extra Dotted circle, even if
they used with Consonant. Rendering is
quite bad for Windows and it is unable to
type, read or print.

Filed issue with Openoffice on 5th August.
Today get solution for that. There is problem with Linux Programmer.
He set "Lohit Punjabi" Default for System and not care about Windows's
Default font for Punjabi.
VLC.xcu contains string like
prop oor:name="UI_SANS" oor:op="replace" oor:type="xs:string">
Lohit Punjabi;Tahoma
while using

     Raavi;Saab;Lohit Punjabi;Tahoma

help to fix the issue. It is quit small fix, but making big
problem. Need to check for other language (Indic), which
are currently supported by Openoffice and Updated regularly
by Linux People.

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