05 August, 2009

Windows XP mode with Windows 7 available

Today morning got news about available Windows XP mode for Windows 7 RC. Download and installed it. Total download is about 500MB.

by chance today  I need to create Punjabi Jhelum Keyboard  layout for Windows XP machine for friend. So, it is great helpful at the last.


Windows XP is running very smooth in Virtual PC and Over all experience is quite good as compared to Linux Based Virt-Manager. As I have not to press Alt+Ctrl each time to get out from virtual machine. Starting/Shuting down sometime seems slow.

I need to install Punjabi Language for my work, but when I tried to enable support for Punjabi, virtual machine was asking for installation disk for Windows XP SP3, which is not actually available. So there is not solution for me to install my Language till now:-(

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