16 September, 2009

Linux (fedora) - HDMI Port

I purchased HDMI Cable, but not very
sure about it whether it will work or not
with my LCD TV. Cost was very ok
799/- Rs.

Windows Vista working very nice,
no problem.

with Fedora 11, It was not detected,
I have Nvidia chipset on Laptop and Desktop
with HDMI port on both.
So 'nouveau' driver is not able to work.
Finally install 'kmod-nvidia' and run
nvidia-setting, it works well. Detected
proper resolution and you can set as
primary Display.

for Audio (with HDMI cable), go to
Speaker Icon in notification icon.
ICON->Sound Pref->Hardware
-Profile->Output Digital Stereo (HDMI) and
that is it. It is working...

Video, Voice and All fine with Fedora.

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cmscritic said...

Thanks for posting that. I was just googling this exact issue and you saved me a ton of time.