24 September, 2009

Opensuse/Novell - say 'no' to update Sax2 for Tx2z

After trying to install Fedora Rawhide,
which finally work for touch interface,

I tried to install opensuse 11.2 MileStone 7
on HP Tx2z (AMD Laptop), which failed to
detect Touch Interface, although
installation was quite easy and working
most of thing.

Sax2 failed to detect tough, even I tried to
configure myself, but failed with all tries.

Put a bug for OpenSUSE, it goes to
Novell finally. I got some quick replay
as expected, but finally refused with

"You're right. SaX2 does not support the configuration of it
and this won't change unless we receive a request by HP to do so + the appropriate hardware for testing. WONTFIX."

This not big thing if proprietary, but open-source,
this should not happen if people can help to test it.

guy provided a link for Ubuntu to try it.
Thanks for link, but not working at all:-)

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