27 September, 2009

Let me try BlackBerry once...

Finally Got BlackBerry Set (8520) after various
attempt Failed to fix Nokia 97. It is latest phone
with No 3G, but all other Features like
Music Player
and other BlackBerry Feature, for which it is known far.

it is only for Airtel in India, and I have Airtel sim,
so tried, Phone is working, but Email and Messenger
Is not working, because it is need to active with Service
Provider and Sat/Sun it is not possible.

I liked the Trackpad Navigation and Multimedia Feature,
also Security, (other phone has, but not enabled by
default, but it has).

Place Call without Unlock the Screen is another feature
I liked.

you can get your (user) information on left side of screen
very easily and looks good

Keypad is quite Good, but surely you can't compare it with
Nokia N97.
Download application and without Email Setup, it seems
empty, Will update later how it behaves after getting it
activied with Aitel,

Only One Theme is provided (it is quite good), and Camera
without Flash are few more things, which I like to improve,
but this lowest cost handset, so what else can expect:)

Speed of handset (for opening and call support) is quite good
as compared to Buggy Nokia N97. Some timeN97 crash,
during call hanged (1 out of 9-10) (I have updated v12 Software,
but still problems). Nokia Service centre asked me
to Fresh install (or Flash content), but how can I do that, not
want to loose any data. I moved to BlackBerry and asked
myself 'let me try blackberry once..'

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